Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have been thinking about several people I have not seen in a very long time. They cross my mind several times a day for no reason. I believe when this happens that I am meant to pray for these people, so I do. Prayer is an amazing tool that we have in life. I can know nothing about what is going on in someones world or might not be able to help them in any way, but I can pray for them. Kind of blows my mind. This happened to me last week . . . I was really thinking about my friends Chuck and Amanda. So I prayed for them. Turns out 2 days ago I found out they are pregnant. Awesome news, but they have a life changing event that requires serious prayer. I am thankful that I have an avenue to communicate with my creator. I would be lost without it.

Mommy, Julia & Miki

I will do anything for my daughter and that includes holding "Miki the Monkey". I did not realize that Mommyhood included Monkey holding. Yikes!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heels or Flats?

Can I be a super Mom and career woman in $14 heels? Well the answer is no, because the heels pinched my feet and I asked my Mom to return them for me because I did not have time. Now TIME is something I could use more of. I am currently running on about 5 hours of sleep a night, because Julia is more fun than sleep, looking through cookbooks is more fun than sleep, blogging is more fun than sleep. This is a problem. I have decided this week that I want to write a book. Is that weird? I read all the time, but starting and finishing a book is different. I have been playing with the idea for years, but recently can not get it out of my head. The only question is, what in the world would I write about and when would I find the time. My life is not dramatic enough for a memoir and I don't think I am inventive enough to write the next Twilight series. Since God put this idea in my head, I am praying (literally) that he will provide the inspiration.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Julia Claire Hall

2 years, 3 months

No Nap Makes for a Long Day

This is a tired child who has not had a nap. She fought sleep all afternoon, fell asleep in the car after throwing pennies in the fountain at Southlake Town Center at 5 p.m. Then she slept on the couch while I mad tons of noise in the kitchen cooking dinner. Check out the headband, it is a new hair-do. She actually left in alone!

Lorrie's Blog

Check out my Mom's Blog at http://www.lorrie-b.blogspot.com/.
It is super cute and filled with pictures of my sweet daughter!

Big Decisions!

In September Jeff and I will have been married for 5 years. It has been 5 awesome years, filled with a ton of fun, vacations, starting a family, buying our first home and so on. Never in these 5 years have we been faced with any large trials until 2 months ago. On May 9 Jeff's company decided to close his entire office and everyone was laid off. We were not totally shocked by the announcement, but when he called to tell me the tears that rolled down my face were a shock to me. It wasn't my job or my career, yet I was just as upset as he was. In the weeks following, I have never seen someone look so hard to find a job. He did everything needed . . . great resume, listings on all the social networking sites, networking groups, etc. At the end of 2 months we made a decision that is one of the scarriest yet exciting decisions we have made as a married couple.

Jeff has decided to open his own business and start his own Farmer's Insurance Agency. I was so relieved when we made the decision and the next night has the first full nights rest in 2 months. The announcement to our friends and family was an odd one. It is not like you can run into a room and say "Jeff found a job and starting next week we will have a salary, benefits, vacation and stability." Nope we said "Yea! We made a decision and we will let you know how it goes." Kind of different.

I truly believe that this is the path God wants us to take. I believe he has chosen this carrer for Jeff and this is our time to sieze the opportunity. Wish us luck, the next 5 years are going to be INTERESTING!

4th of July Fun

So the 4th of July was a blur of activity. Swimming, Lunch, Nap, Play with Toys, Head to Grapevine Lake, Dinner, Playground, Learn to build a Sandcastle then Fireworks. Julia had the best day. She is getting better at swimming by the day, but she still holds on to your fingers with a Ninja grips that cuts off the blood flow. Her cousin Lauren, was sweet enough to be patient and teach her how to build a sandcastle. Lauren would show her and Julia would knock it down . . . rinse and repeat . . . rinse and repeat. Lauren never got mad, just kept letting her build and knock it down. At the end of the lesson, Julia's 4th of July dress was the color of mud and she took a shower with the water hose. Finally came the fireworks. Julia likes the sparkly ones and calls them "sparky." She clapped and "ohhhed and ahhhhed" her way thorough the show. It was a great day that had a bonus on Sunday, when she slept until 7:25 a.m. Success!