Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday . . . OOPS!

To finish out our vacation we attended Lily's birthday party. Julia loves to sing Happy Birthday, she sang the whole song and did not miss a beat. Only at the end she pretends to blow out the candles except it worked and she blew out one of Lily's candles. The first picture is her finishing the song and the second picture is her and my reaction! Lily excalimed, "Julia you blew out one and I blew out 2, tee-hee!" Shhhewww.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bath Tub Hide-And-Go-Seek

During Julia's bath tonight she played a game of Bath Tub hide and go seek. She covered up her foot with a towel, covered her eyes and counted to 10. After counting she stated "Ready or not I come". The called "Piggies are you?" looked around and said "Piggies hiding in Tub Bub."
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Vacation - Wednesday

Today we had a day packed full of fun. We started out at Krispy Kreme for breakfast. Julia wore a Krispy Kreme hat and ate a very messy donut. Then we went to Little Gym and learned how to do all kinds of neat tricks. After Julia's nap we went to visit Gran Gran in Fort Worth. Julia loved playing with Gran Gran's toys. She had a great time and when she waved goodbye said "That's my Gran Gran."
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A Dinner Party for EVERYONE

2 months ago we were hosting a party for friends at church. I was getting everything ready. I left the kitchen for 2 seconds to come back and see my Type A daughter (Who do you thing she takes after?) setting the table. I guess she expected a lot of people to come to dinner!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation - Tuesday

Today Jeff and I took Julia to Burger's Lake. Julia looked at me and said, "It fun Mommy, it fun!" She had the best time making sandcastles and swimming. Later today we took her to dinner, she handed her Daddy the coloring sheet and crayon, she said, "Here Daddy for you, don't eat crayon!"

Vacation - Monday

Today was the first day of vacation. Julia and I went to the Children's Museum. She was everywhere, keeping up with her was a workout. She jumped up on the play stage with a tamborine, started singing the alphabet and dancing, she finished off the performace with a girly bow! Who taught her that?? After her nap, we made cookies. She was amazed by the cookie process, loved putting all the ingredients in the bowl and licking the spoon.