Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Fun!

We had a really fun weekend . . . for having no plans. First it started with an event with our Connection Class at church. We went on a group scavenger hunt. I was tired and really did not want to go, but ended up having a great time. We had a list of items to take pictures with and items we had to collect, all were worth different point values. Our group was awesome and we gathered everything on both lists or so we thought. Half way through dinner Jeff realized that he forgot to put the $2 bill from his wallet into the collected items bag . . . it was worth 5 points. We tried to sneak it in our bag with little luck. When the winners were announced our team lost by 3 points. Ooops!
Here I am with a radio station bumper sticker.
Here is Jeff with a historical marker.
On Saturday Julia and I set out to run some errands. When we turned into the Party City parking lot we noticed Lowes was having a community event with a real fire truck. Well we had to check it out. Julia got a firetruck hat, badge and was able to make her very own fire truck with a real hammer. This was certainly a time when I wished Jeff was with us. Wood, nails, hammers, instructions . . . definitely a Daddy job. Even though I put the bottom of the firetruck together wrong and we could not fit the wheels through, we still managed and Julia had a blast.
The weekend ended with Julia and Jeff planting flowers in the backyard. She was so excited she got to pat the soil and water the plants. She exclaimed "I do good job!"