Monday, August 27, 2012

Julia's First Day of School

I have to be honest . . . I used to make fun of Mom's going on and on about crying on their child's first day of Kindergarten. I would think to myself, it is just school seriously get a grip. I now realize how wrong I was. My day started with Julia informing me that she does not want to wear a bow, she decided big girls don't wear bows. Why does she want to hurt me?
I pulled myself together, did some quick magic on her hair and convinced her a flower was very grown up.

Kissing hand! Anytime she misses me today she can look at the heart on her hand.

Quick stop to see Grandma before we head to class.

I love this picture! Daddy and his girl.

We made this awesome key chain at the Kindergarten kick off party at school. Such a great reminder for her to carry with her everyday.

Starting to get a little nervous.

Putting on a happy face before Mommy and Daddy leave.

When it was time for us to go she started to cry, which made me tear up . . . OKAY, cry. Geeezzzz, I became one of those Moms. Thank goodness for my spy (Grandma) who text me updates when she passed her in the hall and that they school day ended at 11:45 a.m.
She was happy when I picked her up and had a great day!

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