Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sharing with your brother

On any given day the playroom looks like this . . . just keepin it real people!

Here is how Andrew plays in the playroom.

It is hard for a 5 year old when she realizes she will have to share her playroom with her brother.

Me: "You know Julia when Andrew gets big enough to play you are going to have to share your playroom."

Julia: "NOOOO, we will just put his toys in his room and he can play."

Me: "No we will make room for him in the playroom."

Julia: "But Mommy he has a room, there is not room for a boy toy box in the playroom, it is a girls room."

She proceeds to go get a pad and pencil and asks me how to write . . . No Boys Allowed.

Oh boy, at least I have several more months to get her prepared to share her playroom.

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