Friday, December 28, 2012

A lesson in saving

One of the tasks we needed to complete while we were on vacation was opening a savings account for both Julia and Andrew. Mimi and Pops made Christmas super fun giving each kiddo 100 dollar bills in their stocking and gave us the extra push we needed to open the accounts. Julia was very interested in the process and thought it was super fun to sit at the bankers desk as a customer. She especially liked going to the teller line to make the deposit.

Starting in January we are starting a weekly allowance for Julia, she was not mature enough for it until now. She has 6 chores she needs to complete each week
1. Set the table for dinner
2. Clean the playroom before bed every night
3. Toys from the living room need to be in the playroom
4. Fold towels
5. Dressed in the morning and brush teeth without help.
You can tell that these are very tailored to her and the areas we need her to show some responsibility. The good news is they can always be adjusted if it is not working, I am looking forward to the day that unload the dishwasher makes the list. On Sunday nights she will visit with us to review the week and get her $10. Hopefully this is the beginning of teaching her about money and healthy spending habits, cause the girl likes to buy new things.

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