Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Tooth Fairy

Julia finally lost her 1st tooth!!!! This was a huge deal, her tooth has been loose for 3 weeks and she finally pulled it. Jeff had a work event tonight and was on the phone with Julia asking about her day and if she was on green, etc. I was in Andrew's room changing his diaper. I hear her tell Jeff, my tooth is really loose. She runs into Andrew's room and the tooth is in her hand. I scream, hang up on Jeff and say "Oh my gosh you are bleeding!" I guess I totally forgot that you bleed when you pull a tooth, dummy me. We run to the kitchen get a paper towel and I have her swish some salt water in her mouth. In the excitement I forget to tell her not to swallow the salt water, she does and drama ensues. After I calm her down, get her to quit bleeding we all relax. It was a very exciting first lost tooth event, I am only sad that Jeff missed it. Oh well, she has a whole mouth full to lose, right?!

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